Asset Appraisals | Identifying Value

Machinery & Equipment Appraisals

Leveredge professionals draw upon many years of disposition experience to provide comprehensible and accurate machinery & equipment (M&E) appraisals. Our activity in the marketplace allows us to understand the assets, trends and values which are the foundation of the reliable appraisals being regularly commissioned by private corporations, major North American financial institutions, asset-based lenders, accounting and legal professionals.

We follow time-tested procedures to determine our values. Following an initial review and analysis of asset records, we conduct site inspection to prepare detailed listings, including images and serial numbers, age, hours, kilometres, operational condition and physical deterioration where available. This data is then measured against a range of market comparables taken from data resources from auction houses, online databases, OEM’s, used machinery & equipment publications and our own in-house auction and liquidation library and archives.

Inventory Appraisals

Leveredge provides clear and concise inventory valuations with a focus on identifying inventory lending opportunities and potential monitoring issues affecting the projected recovery values. Our appraisals are customized for our clients’ needs while maintaining the necessary structure and information to be USPAP compliant.

Our valuation assignments are based on point-in-time qualitative and quantitative analyses which include inspection and analysis of the composition, breadth and depth of stock; management interviews concerning financial and operational results, inventory management & systems and competitive strategies; sales trend analysis in conjunction with industry trends; and a review of direct competition and effect on projected values.

A Leveredge appraisal then provides the company’s operational profile, based on years of actual historical sales, gross margins, inventory levels and turns to project the potential outcome for inventory liquidation scenarios. This provides a lender with guidance that can be used support temporary bulges for seasonally-affected inventories.



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